11.11 shopping week is here with upto 50% off storewide & Amazing gifts
11.11 shopping week is here with upto 50% off storewide & Amazing gifts
Fearless Audio Hyper S
Fearless Audio Hyper S
Fearless Audio Hyper S
Fearless Audio Hyper S

Fearless Audio Hyper S

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The Fearless Audio HyperS uses 12 balanced armatures per channel.

The general sound signature of the Fearless Audio HyperS is transparent and refreshing.

The bass is well controlled and full of flexibility.

It’s a more middle-upper earbud. The Midrange features in a clear and close voice. The instrument separation is well arranged. All instruments are clearly distinguishable and are displayed with full details, without any mix-up happening in any area.

It excels in very fast transients yet at a moderate velocity.

The soundstage is wide and bright, so smaller details are able to emerge, as they’re not overshadowed by other sounds. What you get from this model is a clear midrange with full details and with the ability to make the listener feel immersed in the sound.

The HyperS also outstands in dealing with classical music, symphony or other big concerts.

While playing Orchestral, you can feel fully immersed and feel the transients because the bass creates a deep atmosphere and the extended high foils the details. All these make the music full of energy and power. You can feel the exact position of each instrument when close your eyes. It’s truly a perfect experience S12 will offer.

Sensitivity: 118dB/MW
Impedance: 12ohm
Drivers: 12 Balanced Armature Drivers
Passive Noise Reduction: 26DB
Frequency Response Range: 15HZ-22KHZ
HyperS12 Drivers:
Sonion:33aj Series Dual BA*2(Ultra-Low Frequency)
Sonion:37ap Series Dual BA*1(Mid-Low Frequency)
Knowles:TWFK Series Dual BA*2(Mid-High Frequency)
Knowles:PSWFK Series Dual BA*1(Ultra-High Frequency)

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